Simulacra in the nursery

Dakigokochi ("the feel of cradling"; via Mari) is a service offered by rice-giftery Yosimiya which involves them delivering to a list of recipients specified by you a rounded bag of rice bearing the face of and weighing precisely as much as your newborn baby.

The rice-infant is put in a box which is then wrapped in a furoshiki for delivery, necessitating a sort of reverse mini-funeral upon receipt. Once the effigy is extracted, though, those lucky far-off recipients can get an immediate feel for what it's like to hold their newest grandchild... or at least what it would be like if said grandchild had an unusual skin disease.

And when they finally tire of this changeling's gravid company -- as surely they must -- they can simply tear it apart and feast on its innards, thus completing the Circle of Life. Backwards.

Customers love it!

The design is very cute. Everyone we sent it to was so happy. When they can't come visit, they apparently just gaze at [the bag of rice] instead.


Popularity factor: 5


Japan is such a confusing country.


They look like little Egyptian mummy babies. For those Egyptians not rich enough for real masks for their mummified remains, a painted papyrus mask could be used.

So how much does this rice mummy cost?


I wish I could fulfill my social obligations by sending a rice-sack with my picture on it.

Takekurabe Fan:

Chapter 3! Please! Now! Please!


Heather: It looks like between 4,000 and 6,000 yen each, depending on the kind of rice you choose, the packaging, and where you ship it.

R: I bet you haven't even tried it!

Takekurabe Fan: OK, OK!

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