I grow old... I grow old... I shall buy The Best of Richard 'Groove' Holmes

Hey, jazz fans! Media chain Tsutaya has a message for you on their current bunko book covers!

[Meet You at the Jazz Corner of the Tsutaya Records]

Yes that sounds swinging daddy-o and not at all stilted especially the way you gave the full name of the specific organizational unit within Tsutaya! Let us meet there and purchase of the jazz at once.

The Japanese above that announces that Tsutaya is strengthening its jazz holdings, by the way. This is probably something to do with Japan's population, which as we all know is on the demographic express to opinionated-elderly-men-who-collect-things-that-remind-them-of-their-youth-town. Now that the age of oyaji who sing Nohtunes for fun is ended, the only music they like in that town more than jazz is folk-boom folk.

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