The ass of no-ass

"JAPANESE BEAUTY HOKURIKU: Become a zazen beauty in Toyama." (Zuiryūji, to be precise.)


"Even dieting won't tighten up what's in your head." Ah, is not one put in mind of the classic dialogue from the Blue Cliff Record?

A novice asked Unmon, "What then is the enlightened Buddha-self?"
"A red-headed barbarian," replied Unmon.
"And when it leaves, what then?"
"It has a fabulous ass."

Japanese Buddhism has never been shy about involvement in worldly affairs, of course, and "zen beauty" isn't exactly a Googlewhack, and indeed to mock another's practice merely highlights the deeper flaws in our own, but... uh... okay, I can't take that anywhere. I'm a decadent spiritual fop and the real reason I'm posting this is my inordinate fondness for scarves.

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I used to live in Takaoka, but I only went to the Zuiryû-ji once. No wonder I'm still an unenlightened fat ass. :-(


Looks like a good place to meet women, though. Women with a relaxed stance, at that.

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