Still and understated/ like a shadow overhead

Detail from "Sunset in Autumn"
(秋の夕日), 1976

Went to the SEIMIYA Naobumi (清宮質文) exhibition at the Yokousuka Museum of Art on the weekend. Even if you're in Kanagawa, it's a serious trip to get out there (you have to ride a bus), but well worth it. There are several high-quality books collecting Seimiya's work, but you really have to see that woodgrain stamped on rough-faced fiber to get the full effect.

You could say the same for regular painting or any kind of visual art, I suppose, but Seimiya seems to have been more concerned than most artists with allowing his process to show through in the finished product, like a rung bell, fading but still half-heard. Seimiya: "The difference between a print and a picture you draw is like the difference between playing a musical instrument and singing." (版画と直接描く絵との違いは器楽と声楽の違いのようだ。)

Some links: "Bird on a black night" (黒夜の鳥), various pieces (my favorite from the ones there is "Seaside in September" (九月の海辺) -- third row on the right), three with close-ups (the three in the top row are by KOMAI Tetsurō, not Seimiya).

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