Proofs of a conspiracy

The Japan Make-Up Association has awarded the first "Japan Make-Up Association Grand Prize" (第1回「日本メイクアップ大賞」) to YONEKURA Ryōko, apparently having deemed her "the woman who, with the help of make-up, is most dazzling right now" (今最もメイクアップで輝く女性). Were I Yonekura's publicist, I'm not sure I'd be entirely thrilled with such qualified praise.

That may be why at the awards ceremony she announced that when meeting a man she likes (you know, like likes), she doesn't slap on the paste at all: "He's going to see me without make-up sooner or later anyway."

Anyway this is almost as exciting as the time she won the inaugural Best Leathernist (ベストレザーニスト) award in 2001. Leathernist: another word with an extraneous /n/, presumably also owing its existence to the Japonic unwillingness to put vowel upon vowel combined with similar words such as "Jeanist".

(I note darkly and for posterity that almost half of Leathernism's past Grand Mistresses are also known to have attained the highest publicly acknowledged degree in Jeanism.)

Popularity factor: 2


at least "formalist" has some semblance of grammar there?

but hearing girls say things like "i don't wear make up because i don't want to fool guys with my appearance" makes me livid. making up for men? a stupid idea.


To be fair, she does freely admit to wearing make-up on other occasions. There just weren't any good quotes there. (I suppose because she was being very careful not to imply that she was ugly without it etc.)

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