Nor all the drowsie Syrrups of the world

Another Heppoko scan, here deconstructing the celebrated Japanese tradition of gravure.

"Summer..." There actually is such a thing as a natsuimo, "summer imo" -- it's what English speakers call a regular old "potato". But that picture looks more like a mandrake to me.

One more semiotic point I would like to make is that the potato in the magazine is naked, and it matters. We know this because Akiko, the teenage girl straight-man character, flies into a rage at the suggestion that she be photographed this way. It seems unlikely that she would get so mad about an innocent Shōnen Magazine-style, even-AIBU-Saki's-manager-lets-her-do-it feature. The beads of potato-sweat also pornography the proceedings.

Heppoko himself, of course, only ever wears clothes for the sake of cheap visual gags, and no-one finds it remarkable.

Popularity factor: 4


porn-og-roe-fie... hats off to you, sir!


I've pretty much decided to stop reading all forms of text or literature because I'll never see anything as brilliant as "pornography the proceedings" ever again.


I'm glad that you guys are happy with the spelling choice. I was torn between that and "pornografy". R, I hope you got some James Merrill in first.


"-phy" was clearly the correct choice, leaving it as a precious gem to be uncovered by the reader.

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