On naming a hypothetical child

WIFE: We are not naming our first child Gizaemon.
ME: All right, we can compromise. Sanshirō.
WIFE: You mean like the book?
ME: Right.
WIFE: No. But I'm not opposed to a name from Sōseki in principle.
ME: Let's see... the cat still hasn't got one...
WIFE: Sensei?
ME: Watashi?
WIFE: ... K?
ME: Sōseki might be a dead end.

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well played, well played.


I don't know, man, I lost Gizaemon. And Akikonomu for a girl has already gotten the thumbs-down.


Won't help with guys, but do you think you could sneak a しゅうこう by her? (And then write it 秋好)

Apparently you can read 秋子 as ときこ too, for extra confusing-the-teachers-bility.


That's not a bad idea but I don't think she'd go for しゅうこう for a girl. But maybe I can think of a non-abnormal pronunciation for 秋女子 and just practice writing those last two kanji cramped together.

Perhaps "Tomeko", taking just the first part of "Tokiko"...

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