1955 magazine advertisement for "Anojin", a medication boasting an "ideal blend" (理想的配合) of four superior ingredients to stop pain, calm hot flushes, and lower fevers -- in other words, work wonderfully in re colds.

But what I really like about it is the face:

The New You, emerging -- literally! -- from the discarded and already fading shell of your old self. Your eyes are wider, your features significantly daintier; you've ducked into the powder room to touch up your lipstick -- even your hairstyle has tightened from that frumpy nothing into a kicky bob. The implied age difference has got to be at least fifteen years.

The difference between this and our age's "before/after" photos (one slouched and the other photoshopped): a well-executed line drawing is pleasant on the eyes.

Popularity factor: 3


Oh, sure, you've become stylish and perky but at what cost? Your right ear is gone, along with a good portion of your skull, your right eyebrow is swiftly vanishine, and your nose has begun to lean to the left. And while some of your less observant friends may mistake your new mustache for a smile, even they will wonder about the jaunty smile-shaped gash below your new, fuzzy "lips".


Damn you.. now I can't unsee the mustache.

language hat:

It's funny, when I first clicked on the link to No-sword and the page shimmered into view, I caught a glimpse of the legend at the top of the ad and my brain interpreted it as "This is bullshit!"

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