It's a man's man's man's soul

Eyes, as we all know, are the window to the soul. The Vegetable Root Discourses (菜根譚) takes the metaphor even further:

口乃心之門 守口不密 洩盡眞機 意乃心之足 防意不嚴 走盡邪蹊

"The mouth is the front door of the soul. If you do not guard your mouth closely, your true thoughts [which are supposed to be secret] will all escape. Thoughts are the legs of the soul. If you do not control your thoughts strictly, they will take you down some dark alley."

Why stop there?

  • The scalp is the chimney of the soul: as the fire dies down inside, less and less comes out.
  • The beard is the front lawn of the soul: if you don't keep it trimmed, your wife will get mad and the neighbors will assume you're a terrorist.
  • And James Brown is the godfather of the soul. Just because.

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