More talk about women and liquor

Remember the Gubinama poster phonetics lesson? Suntory have decided to try the same thing promoting Kinmugi, their own new happōshu:

Note that although the vowel sounds in /gu/ and /mu/ seem identical, subtle differences do exist. The former must be pronounced like a playful girlfriend, but the latter requires a subtler "settled, devoted wife" configuration. (The commercials feature a wife-signifying apron and "I'll be waiting with the Kinmugi!" slogan.)

Perhaps this is why Suntory went to the trouble of engaging the services of ex-Takarazuka star DAN Rei. Using a Takarazukan is also a smart way to avoid accusations of sexism, if only by muddying the gender-identity waters beyond human comprehension.

Bonus link: If you want to pretend extra hard that Dan will be waiting for you this evening with a cool near-beer, YouTube has you covered.)

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