Linkdump: Africa and Emyli

Friday links. Meagre because I'm packing.

PAL, the PanAfrican Localisation project, is a "sítio web com recursos e informações para os localizadores e a localização na África".

Scholarly papers on kami.

Archives of the proceedings of the Japan Academy (日本學士院), also available in English but harder to search that way (via Simon).


Tousled hair can be sexy. Touching your own face can be sexy. But the law of diminishing returns should always be kept in mind.

Admin: I'm moving to Kanagawa this weekend. Next week's posts might be delayed. Discussion suggestion in the meantime: Possible interpretations of Hotaru no hikari's English subtitle, "It's only little light in my life".

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I think with the picture, they are intentionally trying to hide something...


have you seen the video for it? it illustrates your point even more disturbingly. i don't know what it is with oversexed and short (see also foxxi misq)

language hat:

Dude. I know you're packing, and I know it's hell. I'm doing it too. But I'm tired of looking at Emyli and her faux-Gothic name. Hope me!


Marxy: I guess that would also explain Verbal from m-flo's sunglasses.

Rachael: Just found it on YouTube. Also found Foxxi MisQ's page featuring a bald guy humping a speaker stack... I see your point.

Hat: Sorry! I had no internet access. But now I'm back!

Tim May:

I guess it's a little late to point this out, but I keep reading that as "Emŋli".

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