Per Comic Charge ad astra

Here's a panel from "DT-matic" (DT = dōtei = virgin), a comic by ISHIKAWA Takumi currently running in Comic Charge.

All three of the people floating in space are (biologically) men who gained magical powers upon reaching the age of 30 without losing their virginity. The amount of magic they can perform in a given day is directly proportional to the number of times they masturbate. The character in the distance recently turned 30 and is not quite in control of his powers; he sent himself into space in a desperate attempt to flee the character at bottom left, who identifies as female and was trying to magically seduce him. (The character on the right seems to have somehow escaped from The Simpsons.)

This, in a magazine that promotes the new Evangelion project non-stop and recently started running Gundam-themed gag strips. I'm sure that it makes economic sense to target 30something nerds who are isolated from human society and constantly masturbating, but they could stand to be a little subtler about it.

"DT-matic" was originally introduced as part of Project Show More Breasts, which began around, oh, issue 3. Things peaked in issue 4, and now the secondary sexual characteristics have subsided to a dull but constant buzz. It's been a real education.

Oh, Comic Charge! I kid because I love.

In closing, an obligatory Heppoko scan:

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Heh... that just reinforced everything my wife feared about comics....


I feel exactly the same way.

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