So I'm tumbling in the crowd-surf at Nagata-chō station when I come upon the billboard extrusion of this campaign:

... and I'm all like, "Im in Ayase what? Raizing my d00dz? S@v0ring the bittersweet symbolism of the 5akura? You can't end that sentence there, Park Town Higashiayase!"

Getting no satisfaction from their smug O RLY owl mascot, I visited their webpage and was disappointed to find that the UR stands for "Urban Renaissance" and that they seek to create cities where people lead "animated lifestyles". (Like Neo-Tokyo?)

Note that the lamp post is an the overpowering presence in this picture, taller than any other single object. The design also seems to imply that only this lamp post is keeping the dark, menacing wilderness at bay to the right. I'm not sure what this means. "Nature, but not too much"?

Popularity factor: 6


I love the URL that that links to-- UR-net!

Leonardo Boiko:

And not only ur-net, but ur-net GO!→ JP

(this is how I always read .go.jp URLs; don’t ask)


Indeed, they are, quite literally, in ur-net, promoting renewal of ur urb.


next up, japanglish in lolcats.


Speaking of animated lifestyles, are you going to bestow on us a review of Paprika?


Paprika, eh? I'll see if I can work something out...

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