'He is GLINGING. He did the same thing yesterday.'

Found via Wikipedia's entry on the wug test: the original wug pictures!

More wugalia at Topics in Language Acquisition. And yes, those t-shirts are for sale.

Non-linguistic major readers may also be interested to know that in other contexts, the word wug means something quite different: specifically, that class of fauna which includes worms and bugs (as opposed to fish, birds, mammals, etc. [warning: PDF; PIE; laryngeals]).

You can say that again!

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I love those kiddie etymologies!

"An airplane is called an airplane because it is a plain thing that
goes in the air."
"Breakfast is called breakfast because you have to eat it fast
when you rush to school."
"Thanksgiving is called that because people give things to one
another." (Thingsgiving?)
"Friday is a day when you have fried fish."
"A handkerchief is a thing you hold in your hand, and you go


"What is of additional interest, is that the last explanation about the handkerchief was also offered by one of the college-graduate adult subjects." Heh!


Well, in more Catholic areas, Friday *is* the day you have fried fish.

And I think Thingsgiving happens at the end of December.

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