More family planning

Some more images from yesterday's family planning book.

Folks learn about contraception while their children face off in their laps. I call symbolism.

The caption here claims that these women are "shining brightly" because they have life plans ("bored as that little boy may look"). I think it far more likely that the group leader just made a funny while pointing at something inside the model vagina. Either way, this is officially one of my favorite photos ever.

Aw, yeah: rappin' with Dr Love. "Seriously, baby, I can prescribe anything I want." Except birth control pills. They weren't legal until 1999.

I don't know how Calvin's dad and Sally Forth ended up studying the Ogino method* together in 1955 Japan, but their chemistry is incredible. Commas for eyes = cartoon lust.

"You can divert your sex drive into hobbies and other areas." Yes. But the tangled, frustrated border drawn tightly around you will reveal the truth.

* In Japanese, the rhythm method is called the Ogino method (オギノ式 or オギノ法). It's named after OGINO Kyūsaku (荻野久作), but it isn't quite true to say that he was its inventor. He did do the work of folding earlier research into a simple method that women could use to calculate when they were fertile, but his intention was to help couples who were trying to conceive. He was never happy about all those people taking his work and reversing the polarity, reportedly because it caused unhappiness (and abortions) that could have been avoided if a more reliable contraceptive method had been chosen in the first place. (Back)

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