Atque in perpetuum, tabula, ave atque vale

This map of Tokyo's train system has been my constant companion since the year I arrived in Japan. It has taken me to awkward dates, successful job interviews, delicious Indian food, obscure museums and disastrous jam sessions. It has outlived wallets and pants that once contained it. Entire subway networks have changed their names since its publication. Stations once clearly visible have vanished into taped-up creases like fabulous ancient civilizations sinking beneath the waves.

I have come to know the face of my shrunken, slowly withering sage better than I know the actual geography of the area it covers, but I have only just begun to understand its true lesson: humility in the face of a higher power. Nevertheless, the time has come for us to part. Farewell, pocket-sized OIOI railway map.


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Nice post. So true.

language hat:

But... why? What has it done to you? Is no reconciliation possible??


I was hoping you wouldn't ask that question. I... I got a better map.


"It has taken me to awkward dates"
Well, I hope this better map can take you to some better dates. I would have appreciated a good date map when I was single.


It was actually my girlfriend who found me the better map, so I'm sure she's hoping the same thing. So far so good, anyway.


So where did she get it? I need a new one too. I got mine from 郵便貯金振る興会 in 1998. Lovely little thing, but sadly out of date, and (what is worse) in poor light the print is too small for my 老眼.


At the post office! I should warn you, though, the print is very small.

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