The shining

Good ol' AMURO Namie's new TV commercial is for Lipton Limone. Just in case you haven't got fifteen seconds to watch it, or are afraid of foreheads, here's the summary: She describes, in song, a self that "keeps shining", then causes a bottle of Limone to materialize in her hand. As she necks it, an unseen guy remarks "If there's a lemon tea that sparkles/makes you sparkle more than this, I wish someone would tell me what it is!"

Why, dude? Because you'd jump ship right now, in mid-pitch? That's not very classy. Show some commitment to the product!

It looks like even Amuro is slyly considering her options.

Popularity factor: 2


This isn't the sort of necking I expected.


Come on, I specifically said "neck", not "neck with"!

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