Purging with the King

Courtesy of the mysterious Kwai Dan, a medical illustration from the Meiji era:

"Cures severe acid indigestion or pain and vomiting." ("留飲(りうゐん)甚(はなはだ)しくて或(あるひ)はいたみ又吐逆するを治す". Probably.)

Source: ISHIDA Teikan's Golden Foundations for Raising Children: Wondrous Tome of the King of Medicines (石田鼎貫, 『小児養育金礎 薬王円能書』).

(The King of Medicines was mostly effective against intestinal and organ parasites, it seems, so maybe the purge was just a baron.)

Bonus: child-centric materials at the medicine museum.

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I thought you should know that, when plugged into a free, generally unreliable online translator, the text at the bottom of the sidebar on your page reads as follows:

"ハテ Edo 訛 you question and age the れ ど. It is, and others as for the language with the 郎 under lower Osamu. The ぐ it is 鄙 forcing. As for authentic Edo word question ふ. The prominent person who bears in Edo handle ふ this Edo."

I tried to figure out what that could possibly mean, and came to the conclusion that I am the first person to discover that you're issuing a vague but very real threat against the United States government and as a proud and patriotic citizen I'm going to have to--

Haha, just kidding, dude! More like the translation breaks down poorly when plugged into an automatic unthinking system that can't account for the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the English and Japanese languages! High-five!


Yes... yes, that explanation will do. I mean, is accurate!

You can't handle ふ this Edo.

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