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Lyrics for the Super Mario Bro theme. They concern themselves chiefly with Mario's remarkable vigor. (Japanese text here. Note competing lyrics on the right. I understand that in the western counties there is a variant in which Mario is identified with Cromwell.)

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Leonardo Boiko:

See also this wonderfully broken Engrish lyrics for Street Fighter’s Ryū theme (from Street Fighter Tribute Album): http://www.chudahs-corner.com/lyrics/index.php?catalog=CPCA-1083&id=1


"I want to know how tough it's"? That's like a PhD right there.


Hello!This is the first time I visit your website and I'm amazed with your translations and with your posts in general. I'm a Chilean Japanese/English/Spanish translator who just graduated and one of my dreams is to be able to translate Japanese literature one day (even though I think it's a dream quite impossible)... I wish someday I can translate like you do and live in Japan as well. :)Anyway... I'll keep visiting your website from time to time! You keep up the good work. And if you could, I'd appreciate it if you could suggest me some Japanese literature that are not soooo hard so I could practice my Japanese reading without spending hours in front of 1000 dictionaries. xD Thanks for sharing your translations in the net and thanks for your help in advance. :)Nice to meet you!


why the hell is SHE singing? not that I know her, but come on... her vocal makes me sick. very funny though.


Hiyoko: Thanks! (... Mom, is that you?) You're already one language up on me with the Spanish so I'm sure you'll be translating literature as is your dream before long. I'll try and think of some books that are easy to read without being boring...

Mimi: Well, Mario's too busy hamming it up for the crowd to sing, so I guess someone has to... I don't really see what connection her vocal style has to Latin music, big band music, OR game music, either, though.

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