F-ing motesto

Has it been a week already? How time flies when you forget your Google password and have to wait five days for them to let you try answering your secret question.

This post is just for Language Hat, to protect him from the leering beer-man.

F-ing motesto news! For all your f-ing needs -- now with mo' better testo. Oh, Fukuske [such!]... don't ever change.

(Motesto, n.: moteru ("be desired, popular") stocking.)

Popularity factor: 2

Paul D.:

Reminds me a bit of the home I saw under construction with an enormous banner advertising the builder, "Fukken Homes". Now, Fukken is a fine Japanese name, but it should never be spelt with romaji, okay? I think I spent a week making jokes about how everyone needs to get their own fukken home.


Meanwhile, at Language Log...

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