HIP qin

Though unlikely to ever be screamed into the microphone by a sweaty, curly-haired lead singer as Wembley stadium goes wild, John Thompson on the Guqin Silk String Zither is the guqin site to beat all guqin sites. Tablature, historically informed performance, sound files -- it's all there.

Popularity factor: 2


Read about the qin on my new favorite website, Classical Chinese Wikipedia!


"《琴銘》:「琴之在音,蕩滌邪心,雖有正性,其感亦深,存雅卻鄭,浮侈是禁,條暢和正,樂而不淫。」" I think it might be my favorite website too.

I never realized how similar to the classical Chinese literary tradition Wikipedia is before -- a bunch of people either repeating stuff they heard somewhere else, or making up total nonsense (which the next person denounces them for not sourcing).

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