Five things you don't know about me, unless I already posted about them and later forgot

I got tagged! But don't worry, I won't pass it on.

  • I am bookish, weak, and contemptibly bad at all sports, but I can walk more or less indefinitely. And I can read while I do it. Rocky field, moving walkway, Shibuyaic throng, rickety staircase: it doesn't matter, I don't ever have to look up. (Feel free to gaze sadly at me with Little Princian bafflement at my priorities here. I have no counterargument.)
  • I had never been to an onsen, or any other kind of public bath, until earlier this month.
  • I was terrible with languages until well into my university career. My early experiences with foreign language education (Italian) were all of the "learn to say hello, learn to ask for a red shirt" variety, but then I transferred schools and landed in the middle of a four-year German course that was much more hardcore (they also taught Latin at that school, if that helps set the scene). You can fudge a lot of stuff in Italian, but if you don't know your cases in German, you can't even say "the". (Postscript: This experience warped me so thoroughly that the next language I studied, years later, was Klingon.)
  • Borrowing this one from Clunis: I think that Akikonomu is an awesome name for a girl. And, given that in Japan it is quite common for fathers to get the final say on their kids' names, if labor weakens my hypothetical future wife to the extent that she can't physically stop me from writing it on the form...
  • I was vegan for a couple of years, and married for roughly the same couple of years.

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No onsen, huh? I guess as part of my exchange student hazing/ritual/cultural-enrichment, I have been in a few such establishments. Not bad stuff, really.


How did you like Onsen?
Seriously, I hate that thing!
Because... a)it is nasty. kids pee ans shit in there, and old people are nasty b)the water is too hot usualy c)so much hair on the floor of locker rooms


mimi, you must be going to the wrong onsen. give beppu a shot...nothing better.

how did you like the onsen?


I gotta say, it wasn't as bad as mimi says. I did go early in the morning, though, maybe everyone else hadn't had a chance to shed hair and droppings all over the place yet...

I guess being in the actual onsen feels fine at all, but I'm still not at all used to the feeling of walking around naked in front of six old dudes. (I know there's a towel, but since no-one else bothers to cover themselves, that'd only draw attention.)


dear anonymous and matt

i would love to give beppu a try.

the kind of onsen i have liked unfortunately is always expensive. ryokan rooms with individual onsens. very clean and very romantic.

and some spa where you can reserve the onsen room to share with your company.


You were married? Good lord, this changes everything.

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