"After careful consideration I have decided that [...] I can also include sexy pictures of the actors who play fictional witches!"

This is far outside No-sword's normal purview, but I can't resist: Sexy Witch (possibly NSFW) is one of those fascinating internet oddities, stumbled upon entirely by accident in the outer reaches of a Google search but impossible to leave once visited.

Every single post is about one or more sexy witches, but the context varies wildly: ceramics, Walpurgisnacht and literature ("The Passionate Witch is credited with [inventing]... the modern sort of sexy witch that this blog attempts to document"), Bierbaum's "Jung Hexenlied", broom-riding technique controversy, flapperdom, trashy costumes and related meta-commentary, Brocken money... It's like one of those great link-rich Metafilter posts, except in slow motion and never-ending. And so many mysteriously removed comments!

(The money angle seems to be Amazon referrals; the absence of any kind of automatic text ad is, frankly, baffling. The conical hat fetishist market alone must be huge.)

Obligatory Japanese content: The standard Japanese translation for "witch" is majo, 魔女, literally "magical woman", but this is Sino-Japanese. A rough native Japanese equivalent would be yamaonna or yamauba (→ yamanba), "mountain woman" or "mountain hag", a word that has found new life in the past couple of decades to describe young women who dare to exemplify certain extremes of fashion.

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