Baseball creation myth by TERAYAMA Shūji

The Tale of the Nine Mutes

There were two lonely mutes. One was named Pitcher, and the other was named Catcher. Instead of words, they threw a ball back and forth between them to learn how they felt about each other. When their feelings were mutual, the ball went straight from one to the other, but when they were at cross purposes, the ball flew wide. Before long, a man who was jealous of the two mutes appeared. Wanting somehow to tear them apart, he took a club of oak called a bat and smashed the ball of their conversation into the world outside the two of them.

Having lost their ball, the two mutes were at a loss. The man who had hit the ball with the club spread his arms wide like a demon and ran around the two of them. Each time he went around, a number was recorded, and the rising numbers symbolized their unhappiness. Just then, seven other mutes gathered around, determined to return the ball to the first two. They had come from "the land where the sun shines" to kill the man with the bat, and for some reason, their left hands were unusually large.

Left hand: not more than 30.5 cm lengthwise, 20.3 cm from inside base of thumb to outside base of little finger (palm width), 11.4 cm (tip)/8.9 cm (base) between index finger and thumb.

Anyway, this story is so long that even I don't know what happened after that. But I hear that in the morning, mutes will come from all over the world to gather in the square and discuss how to continue the tale. Me, though, I've gone and learned to talk, and that means I can never go back among them.

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An lo, the nearby villages were taxed mercilessly to build these squares, though the mutes were wealthy, and could have well afforded it themselves.

Leonardo Boiko:

> There were two lonely mutes. One was named Pitcher, and the other was named Catcher.

The yaoiness is strong in this one!

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