Two pictures from a 1960 "new kimono" magazine

The first one, I like for legitimate aesthetic reasons:

The second one, I like because it seems to be crying out for a title like This Will End Well:

(For the record: Atarashii kimono zenshuu, published with Shufu to seikatsu 15/2, 1960-01-15.)

Popularity factor: 3

Carl Johnson:

Is the second being advertised as the kimono that makes you look white, or am I just crazy?


Well, everyone in the ad is Japanese as far as I can tell (it's probably hard to see shrunk down like that). Since the copy down the bottom is half torn away, it's hard to be sure, but apparently the wonder brand "Aron" (brought to you by Toho Rayon) is available in new spring hit colors and captures the feeling of western clothes, somehow... there's a reference to a "he" but the rest of the sentence is missing.

So, I don't get the impression that it's supposed to make you look white (and even by 1960 the kimono was already marked as positively Japanese), but certainly they're playing some US-exotica drums in the distance...


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