The Meiji commute, plus an ourang-outang

A few cartoons from one of my favorite Meiji-era Japanese artists, NAGAHARA Kōtarō. I believe these all date from around the turn of the century.

"Mission school"
"Coming home from school"
"Apes as people see them, and people as apes see them"

Popularity factor: 4


Love the train and ape ones.

Not sure I get the mission school, though.



Orang-utan in Malay literally works out to Japan yama-bito (in vice versa order), but these humans are more city people.


Ron: Ah, those middle two aren't actually supposed to be funny. I just like 'em.

Joel: Nice linkage! They definitely look like city folk to me. And I want that guy's hat.


Ah, gotcha.

(Joel, I always heard that it meant "man of the forest/jungle" [Wikipedia confirms this, FWIW], so wouldn't mori-bito be more accurate?)

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