Man vs machine

Web Ukiyoe is an interesting site contrasting old ukiyoe with old (though usually not quite as old) photos of the same thing. For those who don't read Japanese: try the tiny links way down low, under the green text.

Meanwhile, OKAMOTO Tatuharu makes ukiyoe on modern themes. And good for him, since the word didn't originally connotate "old-fashioned pictures of courtesans and stuff", but rather "pictures of the world we live in". If anything, he needs more pictures of drunken salarymen and creaky concrete housing.

Popularity factor: 3


imagine if they transformed those photos with the recent 3D breakthroughs, and tried to match the perspectives!

Gaijin Biker:

And then there's YAMAGUCHI Akira, except his stuff has more of a weird, sci-fi, past-meets-Blade Runner vibe. More here and here.

Joshua Powell:

Web Ukiyoe is fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

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