Freddie Mercury worshipped as god in Shinjuku

(Brian May, on the other hand, has become a hairy Enkidu-like folk deity.)

... by me!

Today is Freddie Mercury's meinichi (命日), which means "life day" kanji-to-word and refers to the anniversary of the day on which somebody died. Not coincidentally, I am sure, We Will Rock You closes in Tokyo tonight, and the Tokyo International CineCity Festival showed Queen in Budapest on the big screen.

Not that they had a special long-lost decent print of it or anything. No, they just projected the video and ran the crappy sound through the cinema speakers. Static-tastic! But it was still Queen. And we all enjoyed the outlaw thrill of seeing the FBI warning against exhibiting the video in public and/or for a profit when we were party to that very crime.

Bonus language-and-Queen-related fact: although that recent "50 Worst Video Game Names of All Time" article found itself unable to explick the title Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, it's an obvious reference to the Japan-only single from Day at the Races, "Teo Torriatte". The lyrics te wo toriatte, literally "holding [each other's] hands", were poetically translated "Let us cling together" for the English chorus. And if you think it's strange that a Japanese game designer should love Queen that much, you clearly don't understand nerds or Freddie Mercury. (Yeah, yeah, Brian May wrote that particular song.)

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Leonardo Boiko:

> And if you think it's strange that a Japanese game designer should love Queen that much,
then you clearly never played Guilty Gear. Shame on you.


I'd like you to know that with this one post you have combined, by my quick estimate, twenty-eight of my favorite things, both abstract and concrete, the obvious ones being:

1. Japan
2. Queen
3. The Epic of Gilgamesh

Keep up the good work, my friend! (And here is where I issue you a big hearty wink and a double thumbs up, at least one of which sparkles and makes a kind of "bwwing!" noise.)

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