Unsurprising maid cafe-related developments corner

Yesterday, a man asked one of the maids who hand out flyers at Akihabara station to show him the way to her cafe (Air Moetto), then pulled a knife and groped her in the stairwell before fleeing when she screamed. Now it seems other women working these jobs might be starting to get media attention when they talk about inappropriate and/or illegal behavior from customers.

Not entirely serious media attention, mind you. Sanspo described the perpetrator as moesugita ("excessively moe-ing") in their story, and the Livedoor story has this at the end:


A 40-year-old male customer, by all appearances unable to control his rage, said "[the assailant] has no right to be called 'Master'." [Goshujinsama, the universal maid-to-(male-)customer form of address]

Difficult to imagine that kind of wink-wink jollity if the victim had not been dressed as a maid at the time of the attack.

Anyway, I'll leave the analysis and 2channel quotage to somebody who isn't ill.

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