Page full of texts, page full of sex

Page full of texts. (Including several Hakkendens, with pictures!)

Page full of sex. (NSFW, obviously, and home to much that falls squarely within my Unease Zone.)

Special bonus picture quiz: Who is the shirtless guy in this picture from 25-odd years ago?

Popularity factor: 4


at the risk of appearing to be someone who can't tell japanese people apart... could that be ビートたけし? if it's not, the only other older japanese man i kno of is former prime minister 小泉.


that was the first person that came to my mind too


Andy for the win! anon-0 for second prize.


My Mad Internet Skillz have enabled me to decipher the hiragana name without resorting to an actual book, so for the benefit of other ignorant gaijin, the name in question is Takeshi Kitano.

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