"They always drink their liquors warme"

Via a Metafilter post, I discovered that the journals of the Royal Society... are open! (For a while. Time to harvest me some PDF, in quantities hitherto unimagined.)

While the interface is a trifle unpleasant (would Sir Christopher Wren have allowed the construction of a website which required even casual browsers and downloaders to accept cookies? Would he bollocks), a little patience will probably yield results within your field of interest. (Feel free to add them in comments, by the way.)

The Japoneſe are proper enough of ſtature, and not uncomely in features; they have ſomewhat prominent bellys. They are exceeding active, and want no Judgement; they are alſo military and valiant.

No Arts are to be met with amongſts them, that are not known in Europe, except that of making Lacca, of which there is ſome ſo fine and curious, that whereas in this Country one may buy an ordinary ſmall boxe for 3. or 4. Crowns, one of the ſame ſize, when made in Japan of exquiſite Lacca, will ſell for more than 80. crowns. The Authour of this Accompt hath 4 Cabinets of this workmanſhip, which he affirmes to have coſt him above 40000 crowns, which he will not ſell under 80000. crowns.

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Oh, man, I was WANTING to know how M. Dela Quintiny ordered melons. This is excellent.

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