Old pictures of monsters

Some KYŌGOKU Natsuhiko fan is digitizing TORIYAMA Sekien's 百鬼夜行 (Hyakki Yakō, "Hundred-demon night procession") pictures and making them available online.

I have long been a fan of the nuppeppō (or "nutuhetuhohu" in the old orthography, etymologically something like "no-face dude" or "half-assed-face dude"). It looks like Grimace, or maybe a baby MODOK, but it's actually an animated hunk of dead flesh. This is pretty much how vegans see all us norms, I hear.

The katawaguruma ("One-wheeled conveyance") also has its charms, and the hikeshibaba ("fire-extinguishing hag") is just great. "Fire is yang, monsters are yin. In the darkness of the pitch-black night, yin beats yang; is it not right, then, that there be a hikeshibaba?" I tried using a version of this excuse for not taking out the trash one time, but it didn't fly.

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Reminds me of "Great Yokai War" which was indeed great:

I liked how the monsters thought it was just an excuse for a big party and didn't care about the humans being killed.

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