And now, a picture of a poorly groomed guy looking confused

Y'see, a lady friend of his sent an e-mail full of emoji -- "picture characters", colorful glyphs the size of a standard Japanese character that are available on all Japanese mobile phones -- to his phone, and because he's with a different phone company, they didn't come out properly! (Emoji are not yet standardized, I believe.)

One of my friends used to do this to me all the time, and since it was just after I'd arrived here, I had no idea what was going on either. I don't think I ever managed to adopt such a magnificent pose of arrogant bafflement, though. He looks like he barely even knows what a cellphone is, and doesn't particularly care, either. He doesn't have time for your gadgets and your shampoo, man! You think Singles is going to just remake itself?

The point, though, is that au has recently cut deals with all the other Japanese phone companies* so that the next time Ryōko tries to express her feelings with a series of tiny, pixelated love hearts, he'll understand, and the species will be able to propagate.

"Whoa... it's, like... a tiny pizza... right in the middle of a sentence..."

Oh, advertorials in Japanese fashion magazines. Don't ever change. But seriously, someone buy those kids non-identical outfits.

* You can see It girl TANAKA Miho announcing this here, if you can bear the soul-deadening interface. I prefer the slightly coy poster campaign, personally ("送ってみて").

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Dear gods, don't let those two have viable offspring!

Is he one of the reasons why all the bints seem so hot on the Korean guys these days?



he looks like he went expensive dumpster diving.

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