"Why not fight freely without heavy protectors and restricting rules?"

Finally, an organized sport I can get behind 100%: SPORTS CHANBARA!

The harmony of the world

The dream of one million years of mankind


Sports Chanbara is about strengthening the international community by striking the folk of many nations with padded sticks, and being so hit in turn. Now, a lot of sports and martial arts say this kind of thing, but Sports Chanbara is the only one I know of with a founder who explicitly designed his sport to allow, say, a Masai spearmen to fight against a Japanese swordswoman in a wheelchair. Anything goes, my friend!

For example, say you wanted to have a fight where twenty kids with short swords fought four adults with triple nunchucks. A normal martial art would say, "That kind of foolishness is disrespectful to our founder." But Sports Chanbara says, "Oh, hell, yeah! Suit those kids up quick!"

Also, the word chanbara is an abbreviated form of chanchan barabara: the first half is mimesis for the sound of swords clashing, and the second half is... well, some people say it's the sound of severed limbs hitting the floor, others just that it represents one's enemies scattered and fleeing. I know which explanation I prefer, but either way, as an evocative name for an athletic pursuit it sure beats "football" or "discus throwing."

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In Polish "barabara" means "hump". Still it can be considered as an athletic pursuit and art, often martial.

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