Urgent update!

The Gubinama corpus has expanded: we now have evidence for how /to:/ is pronounced.

("Thanks for drinking!")

Here Konishi appears to be employing what we might call "megaphonation"; it may be that this is required for long vowels in the Gubinama dialect. Certainly, as we saw last time, short vowels are pronounced with such vigor and expressiveness, with the entire upper body active in some cases, that distinguishing the two varieties could very well be difficult without an unmistakable indicator like this.

Also, is it just me, or is she wearing the same outfit as she was for /bi/ and /ma/ last time? This must be from the same photo shoot. I wonder if they took a "thanks for nothing, you cheap bastards!" sequence, too, just in case.

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I imagine they're thanking customers who are no longer there. People who drank the newest "tasty" happoushu only to find out it tastes just as shitty as all the others.



Make that shape with your mouth and a "ta---" comes out. "arigata-----"


I will give her something to "megaphonate" *wink*.


Pete, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a dirty mind!

Justin, I tried a big can of Sapporo's Shizuku the other night; wadn't bad.

(This from someone who sticks almost exclusively to Kirin Classic or Ebisu...when not snarfing down Kitchomu on the rocks.)


Update: I picked up a small can of Gubinama last night.

Bleh! Awful!

Glad I picked up another big can of Shizuku as chaser!

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