The tale of the tremendously hideous imposter

Fake Japanese cosplayers pwned! (Via Fandom Wank.)

We are Aki Amamiya, webmaster of 【Fatal dose+a】, and Ayato, webmaster of 【CANDY DRUG】.

We happened to discover a tremendously hideous imposter creating and running a website with pictures stolen from our sites and claiming that they are his own.

Popularity factor: 3


That is tremendously hideous.

What's cosplay?


That's easy, "cosplay" means "dying alone and as a virgin".


What, sex with other cosplayers doesn't count?

Chance: In Japan, "Cosplay" just means dressing up as a character, whether that's Sailor Moon or some generic (but sexy) fireman. Elsewhere, as a loanword from Japanese, it mostly refers to dressing up as a specific character, often from some Japanese IP.

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