Pre-end-of-war anime

I snarfed these from a Metafilter post just for you!

  • 動絵狐狸達引 (Ugoki-e kori no tatehiki, "Moving-picture kitsune-tanuki rivalry") -- I love the electric-guitar shamisen music about five minutes into this. Where can I get me some more of that?
  • くもとちゅうりっぷ (Kumo to chūrippu, "Spider and tulip") -- note the direct importation, from U.S. influences, of already-fossilized blackface/minstrel imagery. The songs are much worse in this one.

I like how the little bug in the second one pronounces "sayōnara" so that you can hear the etymology: "Well, if that's how it is... [I'll be off]." It's not that this pronounciation is entirely dead now, but it's certainly a lot rarer. (Of course, it might have been rare back then, too, and just pronounced unusually in this cartoon for some reason.)

Popularity factor: 2


*shakes head, trying to dislodge weirdness*

Damn, I shouldn't have watched that. I have work to do today...


I've been following your blog for a while, and I've finally found something to comment on!

They were showing the top video at the Suginami Anime Museum at the beginning of this year when I visited, and I'm glad it's on Youtube so I can spread the strangeness. Thanks for finding it!

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