If you only watch one Spoo-related YouTube video this year

Spoo has hit the Anglosphere! May I recommend in particular the video of multiple Spoos performing the ending dance from Suzumiya Haruhi no utsu? (Via.) (What? You don't know the dance?)

Popularity factor: 5

Gaijin Biker:

I am proud to have played a small role in spreading Spoo across the world.


Embarrassingly, the first thing I thought of at the mention of spoo, I wondered why dancing food from the SF show Babylon 5 would have gotten popular.



This is the best spoo-inspired video I've seen yet. The original, of course, is magnificent when the dude recognizes how hideous her drawing is and can't stop laughing.



Missing a on that there yūutsu—which I only really mention because it's situations like "yuuutsu" that make me deviate from wāpuro rōmaji.


I can't wait until Wikipedia actually has an disambiguation page for "spoo". I give it two more days.

Anon: Curses! I remembered this as I was walking out the door today and was hoping to get back in time to change it before anybody noticed. Doubly embarrassing since I actually read the novel. (Wait, maybe it's embarrassing THAT I read the novel.)

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