If I be shaven, then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak, and be like any other man

Another thing advertised to Japanese men about this time of year: body hair removal. My favorite ad features a pie graph claiming that 89% of women think body hair is "totally gross!" ("超イヤ!"), while 11% think that "it can't be helped" ("仕方ないと思う"). Who says that the art of statistics is dead?

Below this, a woman strongly urging us men to get every non-scalpal part of our skin hair-free. She looks like this:

I know it's impolite to insult people without their knowledge, so I will put this very carefully and generously: I do not feel that she is in any position to be giving advice about hair. Anonymous model, groom thyself.

By the way, she's saying "剛毛は勘弁!", which means something like "Spare me the bristles!" or, in sassy rhyme, "If you're bristly, our future's thistly!"

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"If you're bristly, our future's thistly!"



You're much too polite. "A woman urging us?" Bit of a bow-wow she is, I'd say.

Why don't these silly bints just skip the stage of griefing us and move on to their Sapphic Bliss. Where they're going to end up eventually anyway.


(Yes, someone's in a bit of a bad mood. :)

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