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Apparently, the Miss Universe pageant has a "national costume" segment (民族衣装審査).

This year, Miss Japan went in the traditional garb of the stiletto-heeled red ninja, reflecting Japan's past as a largely agricultural nation of peaceful farmers and ruthless, garishly-dressed assassins. I suppose it has a certain quaint charm.

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I see she is also wearing the traditional loin-cloth.


Yes, if anything she's a little too stuffily faithful to the original. I bet she borrowed the outfit from her grandmother.


How could they get this so right and the Electra film so wrong?




I remember hearing about this from my wife, who was all excited that Japan had made it to 2nd place in the competition. She also pointed out that Chibana doesn't have the standard 'Japanese Beauty' body type, but it more along the Western ideal.

As for her outfit, the armor looks pretty good, but the stilletto heels... somehow incongruous. But she's attractive enough to get away with it.

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