Cool spots for hot dates

As promised, the follow-up to yesterday's post: a run-down of great date locations for summer. Let's take it location by location.

Air-conditioned cafe

Pro: Feels like you're in Karuizawa. (The Tokyo Disney Sea of pre-Tokyo Disneyland Japan.) Con: When a woman is in an air-conditioned space too long, she loses interest in matters of the heart. "Which means that no matter what high-level techniques Sugiura brings to bear on air-conditioned cafe waitresses and department store girls, their response is lacklustre at best." And so we begin to understand the kind of mind that can think itself in Karuizawa upon entering a cheap coffee shop.

Beer garden

The girls in beer gardens are out for thrills. Thrills! And money. One Akiyama relates his story of sharing a kiss and a steamy embrace with "K-ko" (hopefully not the one we met yesterday, with a fiance), but being asked for 500 yen to continue. This, ahem, "blunted the point of his desire", but we readers are urged to take heart, as it indicates that kisses are within the pale.

Also, when you're in a beer garden, you feel like you're in Karuizawa.

Air-conditioned hotel

The ne plus ultra of summer date destinations, with television, beer in the fridge, and an atmosphere like -- you guessed it -- Karuizawa! Or Miami. (No, in a good way.) Tamura explains the appeal:

As soon as you walk in the door, you can take off all your clothes, turn on the TV to watch the wrestling, have your woman fix you something to eat... it's the greatest! You feel just like a caveman.

Eerily, recent studies have suggested that Neandertal man spent a surprising amount of time lying on the cave-bear skin naked and hollering for another mammoth steak as he watched two ochred-up guys fight in the hearth across the way. With air conditioning supplied by a tiny dinosaur on a treadmill attached to a fan, of course.

Popularity factor: 5


These people haven't heard of Atami?!


Great stuff. :) Though I miss the japanese text next to the translations, which you usually include...



I'm working on a scan, Vilhelm!

Anon: Clearly not! Or maybe it just didn't seem sufficiently like an air-conditioned cafe to them.


here is another great place for a date.

Take her someplace really hot and where you have to do physical activity so she is forced to take off articles of clothing. All the air conditioning does it make the put more clothes on... no winners there.


Neandertal man spent a surprising amount of time lying on the cave-bear skin naked ... as he watched two ochred-up guys fight

What's wrong with this picture?

(At least now we know why they died out?)

Karuizawa...never been. Nice?

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