Because it is there

I'm off to climb Mt Fuji. If I don't write again by 9 a.m. Monday, Japan time, I have been killed or inapacitated by the attempt. (I am writing this mainly so that if I do die, there will be a logical place for sentimental tributes/snarky glee other than the Ueno Clinic post below.)

See you later!

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When I was a kid, I went up with family. On the trek down, my sister tripped over a rock, and to get her balance back, kicked her other foot forward. The momentum from this jolt forced the initial foot forward, and the other, and so on, eventually, she was running full-speed down the mountain. I thought to myself, "Why on Earth is she running down Mt. Fuji?" Shortly thereafter, I found myself in exactly the same situation.

Long story short, don't trip on your way down.


Good luck! Bring back pictures! And food!


Anonymous, your story seemed quite terrifying to me when I remembered it on the way up, until I realized that the way down is just a series of gently graded paths rather than the original rocky slope.

Chance: I would have brought back food, but I only took a few hundred bucks up there so I couldn't afford any.

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