Poetry terminology question

In the Wu-Tang Clan's "Protect Ya Neck", Method Man's final couplet is:

Niggaz off because I'm hot like sauce
The smoke from the lyrical blunt make me *cough*

(Where "*cough*" represents the sound of a cough.)

Would it be accurate to call this 'eye oblique-rhyme'? Or, since "Protect Ya Neck" was not really intended to be viewed by the eye at all, would it just be some kind of implied oblique rhyme?

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Carl Johnson:

I really like that album. It's full of 悲しみ and 哀れ. Off the top of my head, my favorite rhyme is, "Raw, I'm a give it to ya/ raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia." "Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut/ Ol' Dirty Bastard live and uncut" is a close runner up though.


"I leave the mic in body bags/ My rap style has the force to leave you lost/ Like the tribe of Shabazz" has always been one of my favorites.

Something I especially admire in "Protect Ya Neck" is the way they (well, RZA, I presume) turned the radio-censor bleep into an active presence -- it's a grimy snarl instead of a soulless BLEEP, it only hits on the downbeats, and sometimes it gets overexcited and takes over more of the song than it should (like in ODB's last line, which turns into "I'll [GRRR] [GRRR] [GRRR] [GRRR]!"

Gaijin Biker:

The actual rhyme, from "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'", is:

Raw, I'm a give it [to] ya/
With no trivia/
Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia

My favorite is from "Protect ya Neck":

Call me the rap assassinator/
Rhymes rugged and built like Schwarzenegger

Anyone who can rhyme with "Schwarzenegger" is okay in my book.

Gaijin Biker:

Wu-Tang goodness on YouTube (WuTube?):


Protect Ya Neck


And with a reference to one of his movies, too.

Man, there is some AWFUL dancing in that "Protect Ya Neck" video. Not that I expected them to be dancing at all, mind you. I wonder what came over them.

In closing: "I scream on your ass like your dad!"

Gaijin Biker:

The only other occurence of this sound-as-word phenomenon I can think of is in certain recordings of the children's song "Old MacDonald had a Farm", where the written words for animal noises ("Moo moo", etc.) are replaced by the actual sounds themselves.


From my English teacher:

"the couplet by sight seems to be using a slant rhyme as the
vowel sounds in "sauce" and "cough" rhyme but the final consonants of
the words do not. Now, the word "cough" is onomatopoetic for the sound
that is made when a person coughs, so theoretically, the sound the
artist is making probably does sound a bit like the word "cough" - but
it's really in the perfomance. If the cough is more of a hacking "ack"
sound, then it definitely wouldn't be even a slant rhyme.

Thanks for the opportunity to explore the poetic qualities of Wu-Tang
Clan's lyrics."

Carl Johnson:

Yeah, my bad for leaving out the line.

Thinking more, what do you call it in the song Tearz, when they say, "…saw the blood all over the hot concrete, I picked 'em up, then I held him by his head, his eyes shut, 's when I knew, he was… …aw man!"?

The rhyme clearly calls for "dead" but the artist omits the word in fear of its totemic power.

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