I just can't stop talking about old Portugo-Japanese texts online

Last time, I promise. (Until I get around to writing up the Feiqe Monogatari, even though I can't find it online.)

I didn't notice the other day, but the Aesop site I linked to also has the bit at the end of the Esopo/Feiqe book where certain difficult words are explained: "Cotobano Yauarague" (言葉の和らげ, "A word-softening").

Xiqirini monouo nozomu coto. I, coicogaruru.
Fitouo axu< yu<coto.
Axij michi.

I think the I in the definition for acogaruru stands for item in the Latin sense. There are also some annotations in Portuguese (in pink on the webpage), such as "Contentamento & quietação" as an extra gloss for "Anracu: Yasu< tanoximu."

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