"Disappeared as if by some cruel joke"

One Ian Smith has put his dissertation (?), Sakaguchi Ango and the Morality of Decadence online, and since it includes both a translation of Ango's immediately post-war essay Darakuron (On Decadence) and a useful critical introduction to said essay, I deem it worth a read!

Having said that, his chosen English style for Ango seems a bit... careful? uptight? But then again, he is probably a PhD by now, and I... well, I once saw a PhD from quite near. When I get some Ango up on the Bass Harp, we can fight it out on the hypercapitalist field of public opinion, I suppose.

Tangentially related: I recently read Robert "Chrysanthemum and the Bat" Whiting's Tokyo Underworld, which follows the rise and fall of post-war black marketeer and pizza restaurateur Nick Zappetti but has all kinds of fascinating digressions, and I would recommend it to anyone. Whiting knows what he's talking about; he conducts interviews; he digs up primary sources; he is a true historian and an enviable writer. I haven't been disappointed by one of his books yet.

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So is the original japanese available somewhere?

Vilhelm S


You can get it at Aozora Bunko: Darakuron.

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