Best argument yet for relaxed IP laws

Superman vs a Popeye that emerges from a robot's head. Enter giant warthog.

Source: Shonen Jiraiya, Volume 1 (『少年児雷也(1)』), by SUGIURA Shigeru, whose Popeye-appropriating ways I have mentioned before).

Popularity factor: 3

Leonardo Boiko:

A tokusatsu series very popular in Brazil back then was called "ninja Jiraiya". To this day the word is kind of a colloquial term for "ninja" around here. I wonder if it was the same name, 児雷也?

Oh, and the comic is awesome :D


The warthog's body reminds me of Dürer's rhinoceros.


It does seem awfully well-armored for a warthog.

Leonardo: is this the one? If so, according to Wikipedia, they wrote the name in katakana or, when pressed, "磁雷矢" ("magnetic lightning arrow"). But I'm sure it's a pun referring to the same source -- it's an old Chinese story, I think.

(You can see the character named 児雷也 in the first panel of this scan, perched on top of a mountain in the background.)

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