And this is why I don't talk about politics

Will: "You know, a lot of times I wish the president were still elected the old-fashioned way. Most votes: prez. Number 2: vice prez. None of this "ticket" BS."

Me: "I loved that idea when I first heard it. It must have made the White House like The Odd Couple."

Will: "You'd think. But back in the day it was really just feds and anti-feds. And... once you're president, well, it's hard to actually advocate the states all that much. So I don't imagine it was that bad."

Me: "I was thinking more about arguments over wigs and things."

Popularity factor: 6


I was working on a pun involving wigs and Whigs but my brain gave out.

Carl Johnson:

That worked approximately three times before someone realized, "Uh, duh, we can run two candidates from the same party and have them snag first AND second." Then later Aaron Burr declared himself Emperor, and everyone agreed it was best to forget the whole thing.


Yes, why is/are politics in any language so tedious?


Burr was a good Emperor. Why don't we have Emperors like that any more?


Something to do with the Constitution, I think.

Joel: I blame the declining role of duels.


Once we had Emperor Norton, how could we go anywhere but down?

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