I love legitimate theater

A few months ago Nestlé released a new snack called "Crispy Monogatari" (クリスピー物語), which is basically a kit-kat without the chocolate coating. At the time I considered posting about my musings on whether its name is best translated as "Crispy tale(s)", "The tale of Crispy" or "Tale(s) about crispiness", but common sense prevailed and the post was never made.

But I am posting now because Crispy Monogatari has just released a book. Available only with packages of Crispy Monogatari, it contains six short horror stories about "transformation" (no word on crispiness or whether anyone in them is named "Crispy"), including one by SUZUKI "The Ring" Kōji and another by ŌISHI "Ju-on house novelizer" Kei.

I don't really see the connection between tasty chocolate snacks and eerie kids that stand in your closet staring at you. It's certainly less intuitive than Kit-kat and "kitto katsu". Maybe some Nestlé marketer lost a bet.

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this is like the total opposite of having shunji iwai make short films about cute schoolgirl best friends. horror tales are not going to make me eat that skinned kit kat.


Maybe there's a twist and the monsters can only be defeated by eating flayed chocolate bars. You never know. If you've read the later books in the Ring series, you know that Suzuki Kouji is capable of anything.

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