The muted almost-love story is nice, though

Via Mark, a profile of one KOBAYASHI Toshie, a "skilled typesetter [who]... made a good living until the 1980s, when digital systems replaced her and analog typesetting machines." I would have liked to hear a lot more about typesetting and a lot less about how to stay young at heart, but that's because, unlike her, I am already old and crotchety at heart (not to mention an alarmingly high proportion of the rest of my body).

Popularity factor: 3


Is this to say that an alarmingly high proportion of your body is actually made up of your crotch? Alarming indeed.


We all have our crosses to bear, my friend.


Justin...I'm shocked and appalled.

And so impressed! Hope for you, yet!


(I thought I posted this earlier...is Blogger acting wonky? Or did I forget to click publish?)

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