"I don't deny, gentlemen, that this mart is marty...

"... What I am asking you is, is it marty enough?"

Popularity factor: 6


Are you saying it should be...SUPER Marty Mart?!!

Is the world ready?!


it just wants to be a marky mark, of course.

Paul Davidson:

Do they serve a funky brunch?


It looks more like "Marky Mark" to me, too.

That mean if they fizzle out in this industry they can always switch to another? To fizzle out there as well?


Ah, I knew I could count on you guys to provide the actual jokes. All I had was some lame crack about opening a competitor store down the street called "Martier Mart".


I don't know, I think that has the potential to pick up its bed and walk around a bit (another Easter miracle?!), maybe something riffed off that home realty/builder company, Sekisui (Sexy?) House, ad:

Marty, Martier, Martiest.

(Maybe all spelled with "y" for that "Oh my God what are they doing to my language" frisson?)

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